The Brass & Copper Revival in Home Décor

SBD GDA @ 2021-08-11 10:36:10 +0800

Metal is a trend that never really goes out of style. This is particularly true of brass decor and copper decor. These metals are timeless because they can work with almost any decor an fit into any style. Brass and copper can be set against fabric, wood, stone, cement or any other dominant features to create a striking contrast and to introduce a glittering feature. 

If you are looking to add some pizzazz to your home, you’ve come to the right place, as Studio Bali has a range of brass and copper home decor pieces to really set your rooms ablaze. 

Because brass and copper work seamlessly with so many tints, shades, colours, or materials, you really can’t wrong. Just keep experimenting around the house, adding different pieces of different hues and finishes to your various rooms. One small piece can instantly and effortlessly make the average suddenly very glamorous.

Lights are already a major element in creating the perfect ambience, and a brass lamp or copper shade can really kick off the mood you are striving for. Try hanging a bright brass light in your bathroom or living room, or featuring a copper lamp light above the kitchen island. If copper piques your interest, Studio Bali has a beautiful Kilau Copper Pendant Lamp which can lend a room an old-world feeling, as well as a little sparkle and a lot of shine. And the Kilau Dome Pendant Lamp will bring a cozy and warm feeling to the bathroom or add the perfect hue to winter’s evening on the couch. All of Studio Bali’s Kilau hanging pieces are versatile and can be used in any setting, from modern-industrial residences to grand Victorian-era settings.

The Brass & Copper Revival in Home Decor

Mirrors are a perfect way to reflect the beauty of your home, quite literally. A well placed mirror can introduce expansive light elements and open a room beyond its limitations, particularly if it’s set in a brass mirror frame. The hue and shine of brass mirror frames compliments the basic functions of the mirror, and makes it an attractive piece in it’s own right. Whether it’s in the bathroom, bedroom or the lounge, a beautiful brass mirror such as the Kilau Brass Standing or Round Mirror will add a touch of grace and space to the room.

The Brass & Copper Revival in Home Decor

And if you want to go big and make bold statements with your copper and brass decor elements, add some metallic finishes at the sink. Think beyond the fittings when it comes to metal at the basin, and make the whole basin a feature that truly wows. The Kilau Kitchen Basin is copper finish basin that is a truly beautiful feature piece for the kitchen or bathroom. And the Katu basin has a striking color balance with a golden brass color interior and darker exterior, blending perfectly with wood or stone of any hue.

The Brass & Copper Revival in Home Decor

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