Bring Vacation Vibes into your home with Rattan Furniture

SBD GDA @ 2021-08-11 10:40:15 +0800

Rattan furniture is crafted from a climbing palm typical to the heavy jungles of South-East Asia. It is an incredibly malleable plant that can be woven into tough, durable and beautiful high-end rattan furniture. Due to its light, golden hue it is often used to brighten a room or outdoor setting, introducing real vacation vibes to the everyday.

Rattan has been used for millennia in traditional weaving and furniture making, but saw a rise in popularity in the West in the 1800s. As the burgeoning middle class grew, so did the popularity of rattan furniture sets as a stylish and affordable décor alternative to the drab, heavy and distinctly upper-class designs of the day.

Rattan Furniture: Bringing Vacation Vibes into Your House

From those humble beginnings, rattan has become a highly sought after touch of style in its own right. Rattan furniture and décor has never really gone out of style and seems impervious to the rolling trends of popular design (though it got a good nudge during the Victorian era, the bohemian 60s and hippie 70s). Rattan is timeless, owing to its endless forms and designs and the natural and organic feel that brings an effortless chic to any room.

It isn’t just limited to rattan living room furniture or bedroom furniture; it can be used in almost any piece of décor, from lamp shades to bed headboards to side tables, and much more.

Rattan Furniture: Bringing Vacation Vibes into Your House

If you’re in the market for rattan furniture and home décor, there is a good chance it comes from rattan sourced from Indonesia. In fact, it most likely is designed and made in Indonesia. And so far as high-end rattan furniture is concerned, the master craftsmen of the island of Bali make what is arguably the world’s finest rattan furniture.

Studio Bali searches for the finest rattan craftsmen and across Indonesia, harnessing their unique styles and skills handed down through generations to create for our discerning customers the finest rattan chairs, furniture and decor that can be found anywhere.

So, if you have a particular room that needs to be brightened - or needs some unconventional design elements to soften the feel, or you just want to add some of those holiday vibes that entice you to stretch out and fall asleep with a good book - then we have the pieces for you.