As a part of our brand mission to support local communities in Indonesia, we strive to empower local talents as well. We are always looking for more creatives across various industries to collaborate in producing unique and exclusive collections. Collaborations help us connect with a community of artists and creatives across the country.

Each collection is thoughtfully designed and in pursuit of a beautiful, comfortable home. We believe collaboration is one of the best ways to create something new and fresh. We would love Studio Bali to be a place for the creative community to innovate and create. We are always forging new partnerships to bring exciting and exclusive designs to our products.

Through our collection, we would love to give the artists the right environment to express their creativity. We are ready to explore new possibilities together with designers, brands, and artisans. Let’s transform your art into everyday objects with Studio Bali.

If you want to create an exclusive collection with us, please do not hesitate to contact us via email